Saw this on my facebook newsfeed and wanted to share it with tumblr. Apparently someone posted the picture on the left on the door of the VSU (Vietnamese Student Union) office at my school (UCLA). The picture on the right was found in our library. My facebook friend is a part of the organization and this was her response:

"Waking up to this being posted outside the VSU office, Words can’t even begin to describe the anger I am feeling or the sadness that weighs in my heart. As a Vietnamese woman, I have fought to combat these stereotypes. I am not defined by the men I date, nor will I ever. when will these beliefs ever die? With people who actually took the time to type messages like these, paste and place a gaudy and offensive clip art, place THREE exclamation points (!!!), and print and tack it to our office, I doubt that the battle will ever end. And this makes me sad. No matter what the work I do, no matter how many Asian women win Nobel prizes, we will be always exoticized and be painted as submissive, groveling ‘whores’ who know nothing but sex to get what we want. We are more than our almond eyes and our sexual nature.

But thank you unknown person. By placing this on our wall, you justify every action that I do to help my community and my america realize hate. This is hate printed out on a 8x11 and put out for the world to see. This is the world that we, as people of color and especially women of color, have to live in. It is a constant struggle. This is the world my little sister will grow up in. To all the young girls and ladies out there, use this as motivation to make the world see you as strong beautiful you. No one ever has the right to put you down like this. But realize the hate will never stop and neither should you and neither will I.”

Asian American women are not a commodity. We do not owe anyone anything. We do not belong to anyone.

EDIT: sigh, why am i not surprised that the cis straight white dudes are trying to derail the awareness event by crying about “WELL WHY AREN’T YOU GUYS MAKING AN EVENT ABOUT WHITE PPL, THEY USED A RACIST WORD AGAINST WHITE PPL IN THE SIGN TOO WAHHH”

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    surprise straight cis white boys ruin every fucking thing and deserve to be destroyed this is so disgusting; what a...
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    This kind of shows how “Asian American” issues aren’t taken seriously because of Asian’s success in the United States...
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    Honestly though, Latinos and Hispanics are where it’s at. Oye Papi.